Round 8

1st QUARTER – With Dr MCG in the Chair for the “Bounce Down”

Here’s the wrap-up on the cross town DERBY  – the 39th Derby – and how sweet it is to score another win for the Dockers over the canary yellow peril – and so convincingly in the end, the Matt Price Purple Heart votes go to Lachie Neale, Sandilands, Duffield, Sandilands.


2nd QUARTER – For “The Crack” please join the  Club’s esteemed former President Mr Rick Hart.

Rick Hart, club President 2002-2009 joins us on “THE CRACK” and reminisces the spirit and success he found and brought to the club as the executive leader for 7 years at a time when there were many many a cross road to cross.


3rd QUARTER – “The Fan Belt” with JJ Higgins ESQ the green lawn specialist from the FIR BOLG

Listen to swiggin’ Higgins share his purple blooded passion vox-pop (with perhaps a drop of SHIRAZ).  Born in Ireland, in case you are wondering about the accent, and brought up on a diet of potatoes, turf and Irish athletics, JJ’s acumen for the Aussie game is clear and deep.


4th QUARTER – “The Cross-Town Smear” – hear hear, this week’s smear – A SELF SAUCING PUDDING or a SMEARETTE?

This week we have a self saucing and self fulfilling smear. Hear our in-house equal opportunity lawyer uncover the inequality of the Docker’s draw. Yet all is not lost.


THE FINAL SIREN – the clash of the WHARF PACKS – PURPLE versus PORT

Will the Dockers, up-beat from the DERBY win, take their momentum to Adelaide for this important game against a PORT that is running hot but perhaps not fully tested. Get the match predictions. Look out for the 18 man WHARF PACKS.