Round 7

1st QUARTER – Alsy’s in the Chair for “The Bounce Down” –  and that ain’t no Mercy Seat!

Hear a damming overview of the Round 6 loss to the Roos.  The defence did their job – maybe the forwards were a bit scarce? The Matt Price Purple Heart votes go to Johnson, Fyfe, Fyfe, Pavlich.



2nd QUARTER – “The Crack” with Doctor Field Marshal Jeff Boyle the club physiotherapist

Jeff Boyle joins us on “THE CRACK” and recalls 20 years’ of pains, sprains and broken ribs.  This is a truly monumental interview with someone who has been positioned on the sideline of almost every single Dockers’ game –  a modern game day WEARY DUNLOP who has seen it all – up close and VERY PERSONAL!



HALF TIME at the football – Listen to 1/4 of the Fremantle Ukulele Collective LIVE in the studio as they mash-up the Dockers THEME SONG (way to go) with the MERCY SEAT (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), scroll down to see a picture of Aidan’s DOUBLE-BASS broken into pieces of wood and wire as the forces of god-knows-what enters the guerrilla garage and blows us all way – was that TOMMY or HENDRIX at Monterey circa 1967?



3rd QUARTER – “The Fan Belt” with Lady Lesley and Fred the Voodoo Child, a Docker to the marrow. 

Definitely check this out “THE FAN BELT” with Lady Lesley.  No words can capture the power of the purple passion that pours from this, dare I say it, DAY DOT Docker’s “polter-member”.



4th QUARTER – “The Cross-Town Smear” – hear hear, this week’s smear! 

More frivolous fun from the “THE CROSS-TOWN SMEAR”, hear the chief professor of smear Alsy run riot with the musical differences of the cross town rivals.



THE FINAL SIREN – this week versus the Eagles  – we are nervous but confident

The Round 7 clash – the DERBY –…dot…dot………………..



Tuning up for the MERCY SEAT the BASS came crashing down and snapped its neck like a slipped knotted felon – a clean break and this little collection of wood-wire-glue is headed for the knackery – any takers?