Round 5

1st Quarter – Get on to “The Bounce Down” for the news of the week and a re-cap of last week’s game

From the chair, Dr Sean “MCG” Gorman  analyses the great win over the Bombers and the Purple Heart points go to Johnson, McPharlin, McPharlin and  Sandilands.


Quarter-time break – A big shout-out to the Schammertime boys

A quick big shout out to our brothers at the Schammertime (and the livin’ is easy), with an invite to go pod-to-pod at some time in the future for a crackin’ discussion on all things Dockers – hope you get your show back on the air soon.


2nd Quarter – “The Crack” with special guest the Honourable Des Hedland

The irrepressible Des Hedland joins the Purple Circus to tell us how life is as the assistant coach for Claremont WAFL 2014, being a member of the Palmer United Party (Clive is well versed in AFL), a former Grand Final player for Brisbane and a member of the Dockers’ “magnificent seven” and plenty more.


3rd Quarter – “The Fan Belt” with Connor a Docker living in Bangkok 

This week’s pick of the FAN BELT is Connor from Bangkok – hear what you have to do to follow the Dockers in an overseas capital and how the Docker jumper is gaining recognition in Bangkok thanks to this intrepid traveller’s good work.


4th Quarter – “The Cross-Town Smear” – hear hear, this week’s smear 

A lunar eclipse brings with it a great polarity that was truly reflected in the Dockers powerful win over the Bombers versus the Eagles surprising and comprehensive drubbing by the Cats.  That low tide sure lets us see just who is swimming in the nude.


The Final Siren

Another danger game, this it is against the Swans in Sydney. Watch out for Buddy? The Purple Circus team is confident the Dockers will win this one as arguably Sydney is yet to remove the sutures from the 2013 semi-final.

The Purple Circus Gang

The Purple Circus Gang jpg