Round 4

1st Quarter – “The Bounce Down” lets rip with the big news of the week

Dr Sean “MCG” Gorman  takes the chair to help dress the wounds of a voodoo like thrashing from the Hawks. In such a testing game it may be telling that our four presenters awarded their Purple Heart points to Hill, Hill, de Boer and Pavlich.



Quarter-time break – with our man in Melbourne

Hear first-hand, the story of last week’s shock-wave from the reigning premiers



2nd Quarter – “The Crack” with special guest Mr Matthew “Spider” Burton

Join this week’s guest Spider Burton to hear him reflect on his years with the Dockers, the shift to Melbourne, past players including his match-up against then rookie Aaron Sandilands, his recent charity ride from Albany and plenty more.



HALF TIME AT THE FOOTBALL  – “The Matt Price Purple Heart” – Sean Murphy (Part One)

Here is the first instalment of a new segment honouring the late Matt Price.  We are joined by Sean Murphy who played footy with Matt at school in the Subiaco district competition.  We hear about Matt being a tough and imposing full back; and although Sean didn’t share Price’s purple passion, its easy to see they shared the love of a cracking contest, a great respect for the game and a mutual coldness for the mob down the road.



3rd Quarter – “The Fan Belt” with Nadia Mitsopoulos 

This week’s pick of the FAN BELT is Nadia Mitsopoulos – hear the story about her conversion from the round-ball game to follow the Dockers with a gutsy passion. Check her ABC media profile –



4th Quarter – “The Cross-Town Smear” 

Hear here, this week’s smear.  Hyperbole in the news, what do you get when you pour yourself a glass of “schadenfreude” – does the mob down the road have an easier set of 2014 fixtures?



The Final Siren

The Bombers are coming, will Freo stand-up for Fremantle? The crew have picked 3-1 for Freo – we hope for the best.

R4 Dr MCG and Alsy

R4 AK necks


R4 rum


R4 a coconut slab