Round 1B No Freo Game

TFR on the dials

TFR the sound man at work


1st Quarter – “The Bounce Down” including special guest Finn from Fitzroy [13min 31sec]

With the wind at our backs, after such a marvellous mincing of the Pies, the ball is bounced and we kick off the second episode of The Purple Circus. This week we confirm our first round votes for the Purple Heart Medallion and are joined by “Finn from Fitzroy” – the Docker in exile – who witnessed last week’s beautiful game at Etihad Stadium.


2nd Quarter – “The Crack” with Les Everett [13min 56sec]

Join us with the week’s guest – the honourable, erudite and all knowing Les Everett (the official Docker historian) as he talks us through the angles on what was really going-on during the big first round demolition of the Pies . After that, we range somewhat freely with some breaking news on Les’ recently completed treatise on the “History of the Dockers (Volume One)”; think a warts and all look at guts, determination and management decisions PLUS the Game of Thrones all rolled into one!


3rd Quarter – “The Fan Belt” with Jack Price [13min 21sec]

This week’s pick of the FAN BELT is the talented Mr Jack Price (all the way from Kalamunda). Listen in as he shares the joy of being a purple prophet from age 6, how to find the best lamb roll on the Nullarbor and the total euphoria and sadness of witnessing the 2013 Grand Final (replete with the mandatory consolatory brewskies with none other than a bunch of respectful hawk fans).


4th Quarter – “The Cross-Town Smear” [8min 29sec]

This week’s theme: “THE BEARD”. Why-Why-Why? – Hear about the rationale, the attempt at fashion (against the tide of history) and the complete existential pointlessness of the unprecedented beard plague that sunk the West Coast’s 2013 season; and, as usual, we finish with the week’s tipping and then a big shout out to all our fans and to the SCHAMMERTIME (another Docker Pod – GPS suggests possibly recorded in North Kardinya) – hope to hear from you soon for a POD-to-POD experience!