Round 1A Fremantle v Collingwood

1st Quarter – “The Bounce Down” [2min 27sec]

The season started with a nonchalant but brisk bounce-down.  The sound team solved “Cable-Gate” and the siren squelched – and so let the games begin. [Download, 2.4MB]


2nd Quarter – “The Crack” [18min 20sec]

Interview with Todd Ridley (includes crazy Aidan and some haughty speculation on Freo’s likely 2014 fortunes for the last 6 min 10sec)
Former Docker Todd Ridley, the man who kicked the Docker’s first goal (that was in 1995 and thankfully early in the first quarter).  He speaks with the Purple Circus about his successes and undying love for the game PLUS a few tips on what’s important for a successful 2014. [Download, 17.6MB]


3rd Quarter – “The Fan Belt” [12min 20sec]

Interview with Adam the chippie
Adam gives some purely committed fan base insight in to what loyalty, perseverance and success is all about. [Download, 11.8MB]


4th Quarter – “The Cross-Town Smear” [8min 43sec]

What’s wrong with Collingwood (includes this week’s tipping for the last 2min 10sec)
The Circus stick their incisive canines in to the Pies: Why do the Pies elicit such strong feelings? Is it their over abundant sense of entitlement that makes them the enemy? Tall poppies or very spoilt dung beetles? Finishes with Aidan, Alsy, Jeff and Sean tipping the Round 1 result. [Download, 16.7MB]