Round 19

1st QUARTER – the “BOUNCE DOWN” with Professor Moriarty

What happened? – Was it the Hoo-Doo of equalling the club record of 9 in a row? Did the SAINTS use the anti-anti Lenny Hayes-Ross Lyon factor to their supreme advantage? Or was it the common cold? It all sounded like a HG Wells-Orson Welles double whammy train smash except worse than that it was on TV! Matt Price Purple Heart votes nowhere to be seen – where is that envelope?



2nd QUARTER – The “CRACK” with PETER MANN  – Former Club Captain and Purple Champion

Join us with Peter Mann – former Club Captain – as he shares with us some of his playing day memories.  Hear what may go down in Purple Circus history as one of the longest  questions asked on air EVER  – as Dr G dials in from Cronulla to add some short term memories of his own!



The Purple Circus drop-in on dedicated Carlton supporter Damon Hurst fort a chat about Round 19.  Hear from someone who lives in Fremantle but is wedded to the Blues – I feel a song coming on  – an incisive chat with Damon sharing his football heart as he navigates father-son rivalries and calls for renewal in the Carlton ranks but still thinks they can WIN this Thursday.


3rd QUARTER – The 3rd episode of the “MATT PRICE PURPLE HEART” with Johnny Prior

For the third episode in the Matt Price Purple Heart series we are joined by special guest Johnny Prior, a football mate of Matt’s who reminisces on watching the 2003 elimination final against Essendon.  John is also involved in providing legal advice to the Club and he shares some wonderful insight into the world of the AFL TRIBUNAL.


 4th QUARTER – The “FINAL SIREN”  – Dockers versus Carlton 

We start with a look at Les Everett’s new book  – the Dockers illustrated history – and then move on to précis the game with Carlton. A +4 goal win is the PURPLE CIRCUS prediction.