Round 16

1st QUARTER – the “BOUNCE DOWN” with Dr Field Marshal Aidan Amen DaDa – AKA  – AK47

What a memorable pillage of the eagles nest, that makes an all time Derby score of 19-21 (still in favour of the eagle but that margin is like dissappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind), in the absence of the more frequent host-masters Dr “MC” G and Professor Moriarty aka Alsy Arty MacDonald,  AK47 and Jeffo step-up, with the AK47 trained on the backline and Rammin Slammin Jammin Jeffo covering anything forward of the centre and around the goals – the dynamic duo get on with it – a show like no other. Matt Price Purple Heart votes to Fyfe, Ballantyne, Sutcliffe, Suban.


2nd QUARTER – The “CRACK” with WA author Peter Docker – a passionate Docker and the author of a WA frontier trilogy

Come join us with Peter Docker. He started somewhere near Esperance and qualifies as a day-dot Docker-disciple.  Listen is as he shares his love for the game and the team that wears PURPLE – his stories are also about frontier politics – that’s the divide between black and white – indigenous and settler – his trilogy includes “Someone Else’s Country”, “The Waterboys” and “Sweet One” – check ‘em out!.


3rd QUARTER – “FAN BELT” with Trish from the Territory  in Darwin Town – that’s the venue for this week’s game

Special guest Trisha from Darwin gives us the low down on being a Docker above the 26th Parallel. With a dedicated by minimalists fan base, Trish expects there to be at least 9 other DOCKER fans at this week’s game at the Marrara Stadium in RAPID CREEK – just next to the airport.



4th QUARTER – The Cross Town “SMEAR” – from the vault – a self smear from the VERANDAH with no MIRANDA?

Recorded before last week’s Derby and subsequently lost for a short time in a labyrinth of legal lollapalooza, listen to the EAGLE try it on with some  “them’s gonna beat you big time honey” puffery. Possibly set to become an all time classic in the annuals of self smear-ology.


The “FINAL SIREN” – Demons v Dockers in DARWIN – the PURPLE CIRCUS predicts a DOCKERS’ win by double the Demons’ score

The festival of alliteration drops in for this week’s dash to Darwin for the game between the Demons and the Dockers.  The Dockers to win by double the Demons’ score.




Check episode 10 – Sean kills it – the others were struggling to keep up – BOG – Best-on-Ground!

Episode 10 of the Footy Almanac Podcast – the ‘Jeggins and Bubbling’ episode is here! Rick Kane and Sean Gorman are this week’s very special guests on the Almanac couch with your hosts Matty Q and The People’s Elbow. Sean talks about his days as a shearer before finding his way into academia and waxes lyrical about indigenous guerrilla poets, the beauty of indigenous footy and all things purple and white AND don’t forget to check out Sean Gorman’s Purple Circus podcast for all things Freo!