Round 14

1st QUARTER – the “BOUNCE DOWN” with Dr “MC” G in the chair

A great win against the Crows, the Matt Price Purple Heart votes to Ballantyne, Ballantyne, Ballantyne.


2nd QUARTER – The man in Melbourne “FINN FROM FITZROY” checks in from the MCG

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth, our man in Melbourne gives us the low down on the win against the Tigers.


3rd QUARTER – The “FAN BELT” with Grant Stone – the poly-math from South Bunbury Tigers

 Is Steven Hill a shape-shifter (one of the Syd Jackson kind).  Grant Stone confirms that this as a not implausible explanation for his ability to find space. Listen on as he then launches his own Higgs-boson particle down the left wing and into the 10m square. Here’s a gem if you know Grant or live in Bunbury or collect barbie dolls or believe in science fiction.


4th QUARTER – The cross town smear 

Silver-ware psychosis – what’s that all about? – Beware of early rising, canary coloured real estate agents – Sigmund is coming to sort your PSTD!


The “FINAL SIREN” – Dockers v Tigers – the PURPLE CIRCUS predicts a win by … wait for it … 6 goals

A win by 10-8-6 goals. That’s an average of 8 goals about ! – hope it’s not a danger game.



Sean’s docker laden eulogy for Niall June 2014