Round 11

1st QUARTER – the “Bounce Down” with Dr MCG in the Chair – THIS IS A CRACKER – A tribute to Pav on his 300th game

Pav’s 300th game AND we smashed the Cats. The Matt Price Purple Heart votes go to Ballantyne, Munday, Ballantyne, Pavlich.


2nd QUARTER – Join club legend Troy Cooke on the “The Crack”

Mr Troy Cook, the gladiator, the COOKIE MONSTER, the human bear trap, the velvet sledge-hammer, call it as you like, listen up as Troy takes us to through his greatest moments with the club and his footy career.  Hear about his ever-green fan base and his personal joy at the recognition that is the dedication to the Indigenous Round – arguably better than a TREATY – that is some real RESPECT, respect for talent, hard work and the success of our great indigenous players (here’s looking at a level playing field).


HALF TIME AT THE FOOTBALL - a chat about racism  – informed comment on the cases of Mr Donald Stirling and Mr Eddie McGuire

This is the bonus set.  The PURPLE CIRCUS, with the purple flowers in their hair, let it all hang out with a free form discussion on some of the prickly moments in world sport and the problem that is discrimination and bigotry. Comments welcome:


3rd QUARTER – “The Fan Belt” with Kelrick Martin

Australia’s pre-eminent film-maker Kelrick Martin joins us for a most entertaining and enlightening chat on the colour PURPLE. Kelrick recently made the TV Show “AN OUTSIDE CHANCE” – see it on ABC IVIEW – all about a footy team made up of prisoners and narrated by Andrew Krakouer. Kelrick is a day dot Dockers supporter who lives in Broome and Perth but who once had to endure 10 years of barracking for the DOCKERS when living in SYDNEY!


4th QUARTER – “The Cross-Town Smear” – CARS – I worry about cars – those kind of cars that eat themselves and smell their own farts

Hear it here, the mob down the road get a Bronx cheer from the PURPLE CIRCUS panel for their taste or non-taste in CARS – yes auto-mobiles!



Is this a danger game? – Aidan tips a 42 point margin – the others are in the ball park too. Hear the view through our purple crystal balls and (chandeliers).


BONUS TRACK – Check this live in the studio performance of Gary Numan’s “IN CARS”  – Gary was in Perth last week if you missed it bad luck BUT here’s a rendition from the PURPLE CIRCUS with guitar, handclaps and sound bleats.

SG on laptop SG on laptop SG on laptopSG on laptop