derby wedding

Who will come out on top?

 Jess Smyth Kate Furey

Down to business: Jess Smyth (aka Mrs Jack Darling) V Kate Furey (aka Mrs Chris Mayne)

Here’s the DERBY – with Alsy the Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah in the Chair – we started with the SAINTS (Purple Hearts to Stephen Hill) but quickly moved to the Derby – this week we can’t tell you who’s going to win but there are plenty of things to consider  – the weather, the ins and outs of the injury list, the psychology and tactics of winning and losing  – with its home crowd the Dockers should make it 21-21 all in the 42nd DERBY of all time, and it could be as close as 7 points – special guests the MAN from MANJIMUP and SEAN of the “HOFFMAN” fame.




ROILING WITH THE RIVALS (PART I) – Hear the talk from our man from Manjimup, the land of bird friendly salami, he was a bit coy about his tip but is certain rain will make it a SLOG for both teams.



ROILING WITH THE RIVALS (PART II) – Hear the talk from Sean the Hoffman, he’s tipping a big win for the EAGLE as is his dearest Julie