Alinta Roy Hill Power Line

Alinta Energy engaged Matrix Approvals to assist obtain regulatory approval for its new 220kV power transmission line from Newman to the Roy Hill mining project (approximately 120km).

Consent was obtained for the construction and operation of the power line including relevant tenure from the holders of underlying land interests,  which included pastoral leases, mining tenements, crown reserves and road reserves, environmental assessment, planning,  native vegetation clearing, aboriginal heritage.  With respect to Native Title, negotiations were conducted with the Nyiyaparli and an agreement was concluded  (Note Alinta agreed with the Wunna-Nyiyaparli that no formal agreement was required between them).

The work was carried out in close cooperation with Alinta and its legal advisors Gilbert and Tobin.

Regulatory approvals were obtained during 2012 and 2013 and construction commenced in early 2014. For such a green-fields project, 24 months to obtain all regulatory approvals is about right. Under the best conditions, it is possible that all regulatory approvals for a project such as this one could be obtained in approximately 18 months, however, in practice the regulatory approvals time frame is driven by the ebb and flow of the critical-path. In this case the regulatory approvals time frame fitted well within the dominant critical path which was the green light from Alinta’s customer – the Roy Hill mining project.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2015.